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3 ways a pizza franchise opportunity stands out

Learn what sets us apart from other sub shops and bar and grill franchises.

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    A pizza franchise with a winning combination

    It’s no surprise that pizza wins the day when it comes to a favorite American food. Match up pizza with sports, and you have a winning combination that can’t be beat. That’s why an investment in a pizza franchise opportunity like Submarine House takes the opportunity to grow your potential earning power to the next level.

    It blends together a right-sized menu that caters to any preference, mixes in a lively sports theme to keep loyal fans entertained, and scores with its casual bar and grill atmosphere.

    It’s a business model like no other – and one filled with opportunity to reach your goals. Here are three reasons to consider a Submarine House pizza franchise as a first-time investment or to expand your portfolio.


    1. Submarine House pizza franchises make food the star

    There’s a reason why pizza is so popular. It has a taste of everything we crave in food – sweet sauce, rich toppings and gooey cheese to top it off.

    Check out these pizza stats:

    • 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly
    • 5 biggest pizza sales days are Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, night before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day
    • 10 percent of all food service sales come from pizza
    • 350 slices per second are consumed just in the U.S. – yes, per second
    • 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week

    Just about everybody loves a slice of pie, whether it’s kids, college friends, mom and dad, or the older generation. That matters when it comes to an investment in a pizza franchise for sale.

    When you own a Submarine House pizza franchise, you buy into a distinct menu that sets you apart from others in town. Not only does the menu selection showcase pizzas, it has all the right ingredients to please any food preference.

    A fan favorite is the Submarine House signature sandwich – known by many as the best Philly cheesesteak in town. For a twist on the famous sub, the menu also features a cheesesteak pizza.

    It starts with homemade oil and vinegar sauce. Then it’s loaded with plenty of cheese, grilled steak, onions, mushrooms and topped off with pepper relish. It’s a combination you can’t find anywhere else.

    The House Pizza 2 takes sink-your-teeth-in goodness to a new level with five kinds of meat, marinara sauce and cheese.

    Salads, wings and deli subs topped with the famous Submarine House pepper relish are mainstays on the menu that bring in fans over and over.

    Top off the crowd-pleasing choices with a full bar lineup of beverage choices – from craft beers and on-tap favorites to specialty mixed drinks.

    2. Casual, fun pizza franchises for sale open doors for a great experience

    Of course pizza and sports team up as a winning combination. After all, Americans order more than 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday alone.

    To keep its competitive edge, Submarine House makes sure the TVs are tuned to a full lineup of game-day favorites. The easy-going, casual atmosphere turns the bar and grill into the destination of choice for entertainment, relaxation and gathering with family and friends.

    Family is at the heart of every Submarine House location. After all, the sandwich franchise started as a family-owned business in 1984. Today, the Danner family still owns and operates Submarine House with franchise locations across Ohio.

    When you invest in a pizza franchise opportunity like Submarine House, you become part of the family too. And our family knows how to support franchise owners like you who are ready to bring pizza, subs, sports and spirits to your neighborhood.

    3. One hot opportunity ready to go

    Are you living the life you want? Do you have the balance between personal and professional life that works for you? Have you always wanted to be your own boss?

    If you hear “No!” ringing in your head, it’s time to regain control and live on your own terms.

    A bar and grill opportunity like Submarine House has the ingredients to give you the flexibility you want and the power to be in charge of your future.

    A Submarine House franchise is a win-win-win formula. It sets you up with a relaxed, fun bar and grill atmosphere everyone can enjoy. The full lineup of craft beers and tap favorites, topped with an extensive menu, caters to every taste.

    • Control your risk and avoid mistakes that independents make by leveraging a tried, tested and tightened-up business model.
    • Smooth out your learning curve with plenty of resources that take the guesswork out of starting your own business.
    • Cater to demand for good food, plenty of beverage options and the right atmosphere to give customers a reason to return.
    • Leverage the low cost of entry that rivals industry standards and helps you stay competitive from the start.
    • Build potential earnings from the first day you launch your business as you take advantage of an opportunity unlike any other and a short ramp-up time compared to starting from scratch.
    • Be part of a team that’s dedicated to helping you take your earning potential to the next level.
    Submarine House Family

    An exciting franchise opportunity

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    Ready to add a twist to your earning potential?

    Take advanced of the Submarine House franchise pizza franchise business model that’s on the rise throughout Ohio and nearby states.

    Here’s what it takes to bring a pizza franchise to your neighborhood.

    • Go-getter attitude and willing to give 110% to build a business you are proud to call your own
    • Team player spirit with an understanding of the importance of working together to build the brand and adapt to changing times
    • Customer-service approach that’s focused on the right fan experience every time
    • Goal-driven mindset to lead a high-performing team toward a winning future

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