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Learn what sets us apart from other sub shops and bar and grill franchises.

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    Score with a winning combination

    Are you looking for a way to reinvent yourself? Gain control of your career path? Take your potential earning power to the next level? A Bar and Grill Franchise it’s the perfect choice. 

    Consider an investment in a bar and grill franchise like Submarine House. It’s a business concept that makes sense today.

    Industry watchers agree – franchises lead the way in redefining the classic bar and grill concept. They are great social destinations where people can gather in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to enjoy favorite foods, entertainment and friends.

    Bar and grill franchises are big business

    Bar and grill franchise opportunities deserve attention when it comes to investment potential. Consumers from every demographic find camaraderie in their go-to neighborhood destination that can’t be found anywhere else. Add on great food, favorite beverages and ample entertainment for a winning combination.

    That’s why inquiries about restaurant franchises from business-savvy entrepreneurs like you are on an upward trajectory. Bar and grill restaurants are ready to catch the growth potential as consumer spending increases.

    This is your chance to become part of the iconic bar and grill industry that generates nearly $26 billion in revenue a year. A Submarine House bar and grill opportunity opens avenues to become the preferred destination for friends, families, neighbors and new faces to the scene.

    Leverage an established business model that works

    • It’s no secret that consumer confidence, spending patterns and the overall economy influence bar and grill franchise revenues. So do consumer preferences. Millennials to Gen Zers want to share experiences with friends and family. They also favor eating out where they can enjoy a casual, relaxing sense of community.

      A Submarine House bar and grill franchise offers just the right winning combination. Our business model starts with a low-cost investment. Add on a full lineup of potential revenue streams, and you get the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted.

    Take control of your destiny

    Are you living the life you want? Do you have the balance between personal and professional life that works for you? Have you always wanted to be your own boss?

    If you hear “No!” ringing in your head, it’s time to regain control and live on your own terms.

    A bar and grill opportunity like Submarine House has the ingredients to give you the flexibility you want and the power to be in charge of your future.

    A Submarine House franchise is a win-win-win formula. It sets you up with a relaxed, fun bar and grill atmosphere everyone can enjoy. The full lineup of craft beers and tap favorites, topped with an extensive menu, caters to every taste.


    – An easy-going, casual atmosphere makes your sports bar grill franchise the go-to destination for entertainment, relaxation and gathering with family and friends.

    – The right-sized menu includes lunch and dinner choices that range from the best Philly cheesesteak around to grilled sandwiches and subs, pizzas and other fan favorites.

    – A full bar lineup of beverage choices – from craft beers and on-tap favorites to specialty mixed drinks – satisfy every preference.

    – Carry-out, grab-and-go and online orders give everyone a taste of the Submarine House experience.

    Let your entrepreneurial spirit flourish

    Here are more reasons why a Submarine House bar and grill franchise makes a good investment.

    • Right risk-reward balance – You are in business for yourself, not by yourself, when you invest in our franchise concept. That means no trial-and-error like a DIY approach.

    We’ve done the hard work for you. You can leverage best practices and on-target business techniques that we’ve refined over decades of streamlining our business model.

    When you take advantage of our franchise program, your revenue-building potential starts the day you launch your business. A short ramp-up time makes a big difference, compared to a nine- or 10-year climb to build earning power with a concept started from scratch.

    • Stable business systems – Bar and grill restaurants have been put to the test in recent years. Brands like Submarine House not only know how to survive, they are stronger than ever with a clear focus on future possibilities.
    • Dedicated leadership – Our key strength comes from our tried-and-tested strategies developed over three decades as owner/operators. We started as a family business in 1984. The Danner family still owns and operates Submarine House. And we love our family of customers who crave our fresh approach to subs, sports and spirits.
    • Team-centered approach – We know the bar and grill franchise business is hard work. It takes determination, dedication and a clear focus on what matters most to take your earning potential to the next level.

    That’s why we equip you with the tools you need to build a business you will be proud to call your own. Our training team guides you every step of the way. We start with territory selection and a complete introduction to our systems and processes. After you launch, we’re here to help you keep your business running efficiently.

    When you invest in a Submarine House franchise, you immediately have access to buying power that helps you stay competitive. We set you up with key suppliers for everything from beer to bread and beyond.

    • Marketing platforms available to every franchisee help spread the word about your neighborhood destination and the Submarine House winning combination of subs, sports and spirits.

    Ready to take your career to the next level?

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    Learn what sets us apart from other sub shops and bar and grill franchises.

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